Beauty is indeed not defined by a single country or race. I love traveling and exploring new places and for me, each new day comes with a new adventure. As i continue to live my dream and discover the hidden gems of the world, i will bring to you  on this blog travel tips ,stories, sights and monoments around the world  to inspire people to travel more and create better memories. It is quite comprehensible that a lots of people are reluctant to travel because they find it expensive. The good news is, you don’t need to make a big plan for a trip or take an expensive vacation but something as simple as making a journey to a place you have never seen or been to, will expose you to opportunities you have never thought of. Just take a visit to a town ,a city or a sight around you and you will find it to be refreshing . This is also a way of de-stressing  which we all will agree is beneficial to our health. As I bring to you these beautiful sights and sounds around the world, i hope you get motivated to finally make that decison, take that trip and make memories of your own as well.  You are still at the crossroads? See below some benefits you can derive from traveling:

  • Traveling helps us appreciates life; most often we get accustomed to our lives and surroundings that we take a lots of things for granted until we get exposed to other things in life, then our sense of gratitude and appreciation for life in general becomes apparent. You should be able to ‘dwell on the beauty of life, watch the stars and see yourself ruuning with them’-Marcus Aurelius
  • ‘Birthing’ your creative ability; as you explore new places and get exposed to different people, cultures, and lifestyles, you get  ideas and concepts which you never knew existed within you or were waiting to be unleashed. I couldn’t agree more with Kurt Vonnegut that ‘we have to continually be jumping off cliffs and develop our wings on the way down’.
  • You broaden your perspective; ‘there are things known and there are things unknown and in between are the doors of perception” – Aldous Huxley. Unfortunately in this age where we witness a lots bigotry and stereotyping, as you interact and connect with different people, you are able to appreciate the values of others, their lifestyles and get different perspective on things as well. We get new experiences which cause us to question and interrupt our patterns of certainty and we begin to shake our reference legs (Robbins, Awaken The Giants Within)
  • You meet new people and make new friends which will definitely improve your social and communication skills. Marc Veasey puts it this way ‘when you go out and meet new people, you can come up with new ideas, be enlightened and help the country become better’.
  • You learn that though we differ as people , we share similar need. I agree with William Hall that ‘we go on and on about our differences. But you know our differences are more important than our similarities. People have a lots in common with one another, whether they see that or not’.
  • creating endless memories; the memories of these trips are priceless and it is something you can connect to anytime your spirit is down. The euphoria you were flooded with will replay  in your life time and time again. ‘Memories, the one thing that can never be taken away from us. Make lots of them!’- Catherine Pulsifier.
  • Creating business opportunities; as you engage with people you meet with on your travels, these people can connect you to the next phase of your business or link you to a business opportunity.

So enjoy my blog and do not hesitate to comment or forward any question you need my thought on.



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